Commander Yelena Shabeyev was the commanding officer of the ISDF 2nd Fleet Orange Squad during the outbreak of the Human-Scion War. Shabeyev was the mentor of a young Lt. John Cooke. Shabeyev served mostly on the front lines during the opening engagements of Pluto and the Dark Planet, but was injured in combat on Mire and would have perished if not for the daring work of Lt. Cooke. Following this harrowing rescue, Yelena sat out most of the opening engagements of the Bane Campaign. When she finally returned to combat, her dropship was shot down while en route to assault a Scion base. From there she was believed dead until a pilot in a Scion Warrior tank approached Cooke, now a Major, during the fighting over the downed carrier and claimed to be the deceased commander. In the Battlezone II story arc, this is where the player can choose to either follow the craft and desert the ISDF or destroy it and go on to find ultimate victory over the Scions.

The following is the psychological interview transcript from Dr. Joann Buckley regarding Yelena Shabeyev's admittance into the ISDF; released from the ISDF archives following the end of the Human-Scion War.

ISDF Personnel Form 2AX-990/ Psychological Interview Attending physician:                        Dr. Joann Buckley                         Date of examination:                        07/16/94

Subject:                                    Yelena Shabayev

Birthdate:                                  11/11/69                                  Birthplace:                             St. Petersburg, Russia                   Referring Institution:                      FSB/CIA

Meyers-Briggs Personality Classification:   ISFJ

Intelligence Quotient:                      165

Yelena Shabayev was referred to the ISDF after performing undercover operations for the FSB and infiltrating the highest levels of the CIA. Punishment at this stage would only waste her talents. Recruitment is the preferred option.

Ms. Shabayev presents as a qualified candidate, a strong inquisitor and researcher with genius-level IQ. She seems particularly concerned with regulations and record-keeping and adverse to the guerrilla tactics of some of her colleagues.

Ms. Shabayev does seem somewhat overly concerned with keeping procedures "by the book," which may result in poor decision-making skills in the heat of combat. She also may be a liability with top-secret information, as her sense of justice seems overdeveloped. But she is a fierce competitor and a highly-intelligent achiever.

If her loyalty can be completely assured, then Ms. Shabayev is a remarkable candidate for the ISDF.


  • Russian surnames change based on the gender of the individual; "Shabayev" is a masculine form, of which the correct feminine form is "Shabayeva". As a natural-born Russian Shabayev's surname should conform to this, as typically westernized Russian surnames do not follow this rule.
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