Wind Power Plant
Sbwpow render
Faction: CCA
Name: Wind Power Planet
Built By: Erector

Scrap Cost: 6
Hit Points: 2000
Range: 100m

The CCA Wind Power Plant powers any structure within 100 meters that requires it to function.


Wind power plants can be used on Titan and Mars. It is more expensive than the default Solar Power Plant, but doesn't cost quite as much as the Lightning Power Plant. It is, however, the most fragile of the three.


As the least protected of the CCA's three generators, it is important to provide Wind Power Plants with adequate defence. Their shape makes it relatively easy to hide Paks behind them, though Gun Towers are usually preferable.

When launching an offensive, the broad side of wind power plants can shield attacking units from any defense on the other side. This allows Gun Towers which are not within range of other defenses to be taken out with relative ease.

Wind Power Plants will function on any map, regardless of locale.
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