Scion Warrior
Fvtank grid
Faction: Scion
Name: Warrior
Built By: Forge

Built Time:
Scrap Cost: 55
Scrap Value: 15

P cannon 1 Arc Cannon
P gun 1 Ion Gun x2
P special 1 Proximity Mine
P shield 1


The staple of the Scion Convergence and a fierce adversary for any race pitted against it. The Scion Warrior is a well-built and manueverable tank that has withstood the rigors of combat better then any other light unit in the Scion's Arsenal.

With its shields to enhance it's defense is the most commonly used and commonly seen of Scion ships either in combat or on patrol. It's biometal armor and morphing capabilities make it a perfect unit for duel roles in missions.

The Warrior is like a lighter version of the ISDF tank, except that in assault mode it has extra punch against hardened targets. However, while in assault mode it is slower and less maneuverable, leaving it vulnerable to faster craft and long range weapons. When given enough upgrades the Warrior can indeed be a very dangerous vehicle, a decently sized squad is more than capable of smashing through moderate defenses and clearing through enemy installations with great lethality unless dispatched.



  • Hover propulsion
  • Medium/low speed


  • Light armour


  • Cannon
  • Guns (2)
  • Special
  • Shield
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