Bz reich unit vossketen
Name: Vossketen (from "Verketten", to chain together)
Faction: Third Reich (Raumkräfte)
Type: Tug

The Vossketen was a cargo tug employed by the Third Reich Raumkräfte.

Details Edit

As a utility vehicle it is likely that the Vossketen was designed primarily by Jon Beardsly, with only minor modifications by Wilhelm Arkin after the Raumkräfte's militarisation. The unit's squat shape is densely packed, as almost everything behind the pilot is dedicated to providing the mechanics used to move its cargo. The majority of the vehicle's bulbous shape is taken up by the vortex generator used to lift the cargo, what little space remained below it taken up by the two massive engines needed to provide the necessary thrust. With the vehicle labelled an "engine with a pilot", Vossketen duty would not have been a pleasant experience as the unarmed vehicle had no fighting capability and would need an escort when moving through combat zones.[1]

Lost Brigade Edit

The Vossketen, along with the other Raumkräfte units, was designed by Activision for Lost Brigade, a World War 2 game that became Battlezone when it was realised it would be unmarketable in Germany.

Trivia Edit

  • The word "Vossketen" is meaningless in German no matter how the presumably compound noun is split up, but the verb "ketten" (with two T's) means "to chain" - and "verketten" means to chain together.

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References Edit

  1. The History of Biometal Warfare, Part I: Early Constructs of the Reich,, archived 2001-03-06
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