Venus render
Position: Second planet form the sun
Distance from Sun: 1 AU
Distance from Earth: 42 million Km
Surface Gravity: 0.907
Surface Composition: Basaltic rock and molten lava
Atmospheric Pressure: 92 Bar
Surface Temperature: 460C
Axis Rotation: 243 days
Sun Orbit Period: 224.7 days
Diameter: 12,103.6 Km

Named after the Roman goddess of love for its brilliant glow in the Earth's sky, Venus holds no physical resemblance to its namesake. The planet is one of the harshest environments in the solar system. Although Venus is near twin in shape and mass to Earth, as well as being the closest planet, its brutal atmosphere made exploiting biometal reserves difficult. Nonetheless, its proximity and likelihood of containing biometal desposits kept it on the list of candidates for NSDF expansion.

Venus' atmosphere of carbon dioxide and thick cloud cover of highly concentrated sulfuric acid cause an intense greenhouse effect. Although not much light penetrates the dense atmosphere, what does make it through is reradiated as infrared light, resulting in the intense heat on the planet's surface, far exceeding that of any planet or moon in the solar system.

The atmosphere is also extremely dense, the equivalent of about one kilometer beneath Earth's oceans. The sever pressure requires special structural engineering to avoid being crushed. While Venus' upper atmosphere is characterised by strong winds, the lower atmosphere is relatively calm. Regardless, the NSDF found it possible to generate sufficient lightning power due to intense electrical activity on Venus.

Trace amounts of water vapour have been found in teh environment and could be tapped in order to help sustain life on Venus' surface. For the most part, however, establishing a mining base on Venus requires importing all life-sustaining resources from other locales.

Venus was also the location of a Cthonian city. While the NSDF and CCA were searching for a lost Cthonian superweapon, the Americans found part of the artefact within the city, pointing them to a weapons research facility on Io.

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