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Hi there! I'm Anthony, also known as Ded10c, and I'm currently the only active staff member here on Battlezone Wiki. I can be found on most Battlezone-related fora under the usernames Ded10c or AHadley - and if you find one I'm not on, let me know, because I'd probably like to drop in.

With the minimal number of active users we have at the moment, I am currently responsible for everything on the wiki, but ultimately my primary role is to be vetting changes to all articles and managing story-related content. If you find something that needs doing and either can't or don't want to tackle it yourself, put a message on my talk page and I'll get around to it as soon as possible.

In real life I'm a software and video game design student. That's an interest I've held for most of my life, having first played Battlezone in 2004 and begun developing for it in 2006. It's always been the story of games that captivated me, and it's story I'm heading to develop as a career.

In the Battlezone community, I'm involved in several modding projects ranging from mini-mods (Zero Hour) to solo mods (Evolution) and a full-blown community project (for which I'm a lead writer). I've also taken on the massive task of trying to tie all the threads of the Battlezone story together, and that is exactly what this site exists for.

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