Toni Chaffin
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Name: Toni Chaffin
Nickname: Slingshot

Toni "Slingshot" Chaffin (also known by the names GluefalconIce Rhino and Talisa) is a map designer who worked extensively with Macmillan Digital Publishing and Team Evolve on Battlezone: Battle Grounds and Battlezone: The Red Odyssey.

Chaffin submitted seven maps for inclusion in Battle Grounds with JD Houser, and later acted alongside Jason L'Hirondelle as one of the expansion's chief reviewers. Chaffin also acted as the sole designer of the Red Storm missions, and assisted Mick Brown and Richard Farrelly with the Dogs of War levels.

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As with several Battlezone developers, Chaffin left a personal message within The Red Odyssey's assets:

Hi One and All. Toni Chaffin here, aka Slingshot or Gluefalcon

I am the Lead designer for the Chinese Missions and I also did some of the Black Dog Missions.

Firstly I would like to thank Team Evolve for taking me on in this project.
Sgt Hulka and the guys on the team have been a real help and very supportive toward me

Cheers Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

During this project there have been several sayings that I have said or people have said to me 
that I would like to share with you

" Toni.... This will be the easiest money you ever made " - Yeah Right!!!!

" I don't know... It might be a little too contrived"

" Ummmm???  It is almost there "

" Sorry Matt...  My mistake "

" This is not getting the baby bathed "

Blah Blah Blah!!!!

Again my sincere thanks goes out to all members of Team Evolve for the opportunity to work with them. Hopefully the 
first of many occassions. Also to Mick for his valued contribution to the Chinese Mission Story line and Mission Features  

A special Thanks goes out to Zoe my Girlfriend and Neve my Daughter, for their patience while I have been 
working on this project. I presume they still live with me, although come to think of it I have not seen them for 
several weeks.

Take Care and enjoy the Show

All the Best

Toni C    

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