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Titan render
Position: Satellite of Saturn
Distance from Sun: 9.6 AU
Distance from Earth: ~1290 million Km
Surface Gravity: 0.38
Surface Composition: Water ice and rock
Atmospheric Pressure: 1.5 Bar
Surface Temperature: -180C
Axis Rotation: Static
Sun Orbit Period: 10,759.5 days
Jupiter Orbit Period: 15.95 days
Diameter: 5150 Km

At the far end of technological feasibility, a journey to Titan requires efficiency in storage and preparation that almost beyond the means of the NSDF, though it is possible and the reward is the most manageable and self-sustaining non-terrestrial environment in the solar system.

Observations of Titan's nitrogen-heavy atmosphere suggested that the moon is a close mirror of Earth before the first organisms began producing oxygen. In fact, its hydrocarbon rich elements are the buildings blocks for amino acids, vital to the formation of life.

Though far too cold to sublimate with the atmosphere's chemistry, oxygen does exist on Titan in the form of water ice covering its surface. This can be melted, providing ample water as well as the primary missing ingredient needed to terraform the atmosphere into one that is breathable by humans. While terraforming distant moons is neither on the agenda of the NSDF or the ISDF, the possibility is far too tempting to be denied further investigation.

Power resources on this moon consist primarily of lightning and wind. However, clouds of methane in the upper atmosphere can easily be converted into natural gas. With some modifications to NSDF equipment, this eventually provided the bulk of their power.

Unfortunately, these same methane clouds are exaggerated versions of what is known on Earth as smog. Covering the moon completely, they prohibited any further insight into Titan's composition until NSDF forces made landfall.

Also worth noting is the concern that Titan's distance from Earth decreases its likelihood of being hit by the meteor shower. The trip was a major undertaking, and could very well have proven fruitless.

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