This timeline details major events in the Battlezone universe.

Cthonian Timeline Edit

Dates are in Icarian years, approximately 2000 Earth years ago.

3237 NREdit

3238 NREdit

3239 NREdit

  • Nexus V creates the Devastator mortar, later known as the Day Wrecker, and uses it against the Olympian forces at the Atlantis outpost. There are no survivors but Nexus declares the battle a victory regardless.

3240 NREdit

  • The Hadean scientist Canis develops the Pop Gun mortar after being commissioned to design a more user-friendly weapon, the first recorded use of the weapon being at the battle of Manox.

3241 NREdit

  • Paternus creates the MAG magnetic accelerator cannon, first used during the Kelarin campaign to retake Cydonia.
  • Nexus V develops the MAS Grenade holographic imprinter, first used during the Chanden Massacre where Hadean forces utterly defeated the Olympians.
  • Paternus creates the Comet Cruise missile, using it against Hadean forces at Argus, levelling the city and killing approximately two million Hadeans. The excessive loss of life deeply saddens Paternus and he vows to never produce such a destructive weapon ever again.

3242 NREdit

  • Paternus develops the TAG automated targeting gun, this being the first indication of Paternus' philosophical shift into manufacturing more humane weapons of war.

3245 NREdit

3248 NREdit

  • Paternus develops the M-Curtain mine, this being the first known passive weapon that he has created.

3249 NREdit

  • Paternus creates the MITS mine.

3252 NREdit

  • Paternus creates the HAVOC navigational disruptor cannon, first used in the defense of the Lemnos facility.

3254 NREdit

  • Paternus creates the Sandbag tethering snare missile.

3255 NREdit

  • Paternus develops the RED radar echo dampening field generator for use in the Antinus campaign to take Venus.

3256 NREdit

  • Paternus creates the Phantom VIR visual image refractor, used during Nexus’ first assault on Olympus.

Modern Timeline Edit

1899 Edit

1923 Edit

  • Beardsly wins the Harvey Fort Prize for Physics[1]

1929 Edit

  • Beardsly joins a secret British think-tank based in Truro, Cornwall[1]

1934 Edit

1935 Edit

  • Spring: Jon Beardsly begins looking for funding for an expedition to the Lunar surface[1]

1937 Edit

  • Spring: Beardsly leaves for a German research station in Greenland[1]

1940 Edit

1941 Edit

  • September:Jon Beardsly reappears in Khartoum and is questioned by Nazi authorities[1]

1943 Edit

  • April 13: The Riech steal Beardsly's research[1] Listed as a Monday; actually a Tuesday

1945 Edit

  • American and Soviet forces separately uncover the existence of General Kranken and his Reich[1]

1947 Edit

  • The Reich return from the moon and are defeated by the American and Soviet armies [1] Presumed irregular; forces identified as NSDF and CCA

1952 Edit

1955 Edit

1956 Edit

  • January 3: Arkin Industries completes his own investigation into biometal and presents initial designs for NSDF war machines[3]
  • April 3: The CIA confirm the existence of the CCA[3]

1958 Edit

  • July: NSDF established by President Eisenhower[3]
  • August: Andrew Goldman and William Stahl are declared dead.
  • September 4: Goldman completes a preliminary assessment of biometal and the solar system for the NSDF.[3]

1959 Edit

  • June 12: Henry Manson is born[2]
  • July 3: Stahl reports on the completed assessment of Arkin's designs[3]

1969 Edit

1970 Edit

  • January 29: The NSDF Black Dogs have an established presence on Ganymede.[4]
  • February 2: The NSDF Black Dogs discover the Chinese on Ganymede.[4]
  • February 3: Surviving Black Dogs on Ganymede are briefed on their situation.[5]
  • February 5: President Nixon is informed of the situation on Ganymede.[5]

1971 Edit

1974 Edit

1975 Edit

  • April: Jon Beardsly dies[1]

1976 Edit

  • February 26: NSDF forces remove assault a rebel CCA facility on Titan.[6] Alternate Timeline

1978 Edit

1979 Edit

1980 Edit

  • February 14: Henry Manson undergoes psychological examination as an ISDF recruit[2] Erroneous
  • February 16: Henry Manson is nominated for promotion to Major and Patrick Flannery for posthumous recognition[2]

1991 Edit

  • Designs for Reich vehicles are discovered in a vault in East Berlin[1]

1994 Edit

  • Yelena Shabayev is evaluated before joining the ISDF[2]

1995 Edit

  • Braddock loses patience with the AAN[7]
  • Voyager 2 discovers extremely rich biometal deposits at the edge of Sol[7]

1998 Edit

  • John Cooke is undergoes psychological examination[2]

References Edit

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