Faction: NSDF/CCA
Name: Thumper
Type: Special
Filename: gquake
Ammo Cost: 200
Speed: Slow
Range: 100m

The Thumper Device, more commonly shortened to the Thumper, is a 1960's-era weapon that creates a directed wave of seismic disturbance, commonly used to destabilize enemy vehicles. It is pre-equipped on both the Grizzly and the Czar. Those who fall victim to the weapon commonly refer to the effect as being "thumped".

Description Edit

No one is exactly sure how the Thumper device works. It is believed that raw energy is extracted from nano-ammo and channelled directly into the ground like a concentrated seismic charge. The result is a shock-wave that distorts the terrain it travels across.

Design Edit


The Thumper being used on a Golem. Note the quake wave.

The Thumper uses the vehicle's V-Thruster engine to create seismic waves in the direction the vehicle is facing. When hitting any craft, the wave will force the unit to spin or fly uncontrollably. The effect of the Thumper's wave varies upon the distance traveled and angle to the craft it hits.

Tactics Edit

The Thumper is a common sight in Multiplayer matches when used by players, especially when Walkers are present. Walkers are highly susceptible to the Thumper's wave, who spin far more drastically than hover units. The Thumper is also effective against Gun Towers to a certain degree, however it is not as effective against producers.

Because the Thumper can effectively disable a unit, players will commonly use the Thumper in conjunction with other weapons to swiftly destroy an enemy craft with minimal risk. Players who have fallen to the Thumper's effects will try to counter it by using their thrusters or aiming in the opposing direction.

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