Thomasina "Tom" Miller was a member of ISDF Blue Squad during the Scion Exodus and commander of Red Squad during the Scion Campaign.

Scion Exodus Edit

As a lieutenant, Miller lead Blue Squad during the Scion Exodus. She reinforced Henry Manson and Gold Squad during the Battle at Long Ravine and later nominated him for promotion to Major - and Patrick Flannery for a posthumous medal after investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

Scion Campaign Edit

At some point during intervening years, Miller received a promotion to Commander. It was at this position that she and the rest of the 2nd Fleet arrived on Pluto to investigate the attack on Cerberus Base. One of her wingmen were killed and she narrowly avoided death after an attack by Scion Sentries, which Lieutenant Cooke helped her fight off.

On two notable occasions she played a willing pawn in General Braddock's plans; firstly in luring Yelena Shabayev away from a new base so he could give orders Cooke without her interference, and secondly on the Dark Planet, where she aided Manson in destroying an ISDF building before it could be formally identified.[citation needed]

Trivia Edit

  • Miller's gender is not mentioned in the ISDF Field Guide, and her first name is not given in-game, but the script for the first mission gives the name "Tom" when Yelena asks if the landing was a little rough for her (though the initial exchange runs as "Looking for a place to puke up, Tom?", followed by "Its just puke Yelena, or throw up, and I don't have to do either... we'll take low road."). This may have been the result of the character undergoing a gender change late in development.

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