This Is Not A Drill
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Name: This Is Now A Drill
World: Pluto
Campaign: ISDF Campaign

Faction: ISDF
Enemy: Scion Convergence

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Synopsis Edit

After contact is lost with Cerberus Base on Pluto, the AAN vote to send the ISDF Second Fleet to investigate. Fearing Pax Kossieh and the AAN will use the investigation's outcome to sieze control over the ISDF, General Bradock sends a message ahead to Manson and orders him to make sure Cerberus appears to be a scout base, before proceeding to lead the investigation and search-and-recovery mission himself.

Lieutenant John Coke, a member of Orange Squad and Secret Operations, is amongst the first to land on Pluto with his commander Yelena Shabayev, her other wingman Lt. Simms, and Commander Miller and the rest of Red Squad.

After splitting up with Red Squad, Simms is ordered to take a path to the east of Cooke and Shabayev. He soon picks up an unidentified signal heading north along the same path, which Shabayev and Cooke intercept when their paths converge; when the object (a Scion Guardian) opens fire on Shabayev, it is promptly destroyed.

Shabayev identifies the remains of the outpost from the other side of a ridge and attempts to contact SkyEye, but fails to make contact due to radio interference. Instead heading inside the base's perimeter, Simms comments that it is remarkably heavily armed for a scout outpost and departs to commence a perimeter sweep, while Shabayev orders Cooke to locate the communications building as she checks the base's tunnel network.

Once Cooke has located the building, Shabayev is quick to notice some abnormal readings originating from within. Investigating, Cooke finds Manson within, apparently injured, who informs Orange Squad that there are hostiles all over the area and jamming ship-to-shore communications. Simms soon picks up an enemy craft in his area; the two Sentries begin to attack him as Shabatev and Cooke are en-route to provide support. Orange Squad flee back to the outpost expecting an imminent attack, with Cooke splitting off to intercept a pair of incoming Scion Scouts along the way.

As Orange Squad return to the outpost, they receive a mayday from Red Squad, who have similarly come under attack. With Simms' Thunderbolt having suffered heavy damage, Cooke and Shabayev are left to assist Miller, one of whose wingmen is killed by two Sentries just as they arrive. They succeed in saving Red One, and Cooke quickly heads out again to recover a Service Truck she had located, fending off several more Sentries in the process.


  • The dropship's magnetic locks holding the player in place are in fact MITS mines placed on the terrain below.
  • The 1.3 Public Beta 3 patch's introduction of the OffensiveProcessIsTenacious feature causes Simms and Shabayev to open fire on the Guardian as soon as it enters their weapons range.
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