Thermal Power Conversion Tower
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Faction: Furies
Name: Thermal Power Conversion Tower

Thermal Power Conversion Towers, also referred to as Thermal Power Plants, are a form of power plant used by the Furies, presumably first developed by the Hadean Crown.


Thermal Power Conversion Towers are used by the Furies to supply smaller structures that do not require the amount of power generated by the Geo-Thermal Power Cells, such as their minefields.[1] They are typically constructed several at a time, atop Geysers spread over a large area; these towers must be removed before factories can deploy there.[2]

Destroying the towers will also render the structure they were powering inoperative.


Seven of these power plants are seen in Tapping the Core, the sixteenth mission of Stars and Stripes, where they provide power to a large minefield surrounding four Fury Production Facilities. Destroying the towers will destroy the minefield, and therefore is the player's first objective, though this does not have to be completed by any means as the mines can be destroyed manually or even completely circumvented.[2]

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