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The Playground
Play01 shell.png
Name: The Playground
World: Luna
Campaign: Combat Exercises

Faction: NSDF
Enemy: CCA
Scrap: 40
Geysers: 3


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The Playground is the last of Battlezone's Combat Exercises and it allows the player to explore and experiment with NSDF technology without risk.[1] It does not appear as the next mission after Attack and Destroy is completed but must be launched from the Mission Archive.

Details[edit | edit source]

The NSDF base

The Playground is set on a large, flat lunar plain. An NSDF base is present at the point of convergence of three curved ridges, and a mockup CCA base assembled 700 meters to the north-east is connected to it by a runway.

The CCA base and runway

The NSDF base contains one of almost every structure the player will encounter during the game (the Cafeteria is not present and there are four Gun Towers), while the CCA mockup covers each static building except the Supply Depot and Field Headquarters (though has two each of the Barracks and Cafeteria). Additionally, the NSDF base contains a Scavenger and Heaval.[2]

The Playground's unfinished state and lack of mission script suggests that it may originally have been intended to be a more complex mission, presumably giving the player the chance to attack a base. If true this mission could have been pulled due to narrative inconsistencies, as the NSDF first encounter the CCA shortly after the training exercises end.

In its current state the map is commonly used by developers to test new assets.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The player under attack from a neutral Grizzly

  • Bug icon.pngBug! The Playground is the only place in the official game that the neutral units bug can be seen; the CCA Barracks were placed on a neutral team to prevent empty ships nearby from being captured by enemy pilots, but the hostile-neutral bug renders "neutral" units hostile to all other teams.
  • Bug icon.pngBug! Both bases contain a single Shield Generator. A classlabel error makes these buildings completely useless.[3]
  • Both bases contain all three forms of Power Generator. The narrative states that only solar power is usable on the moon, but all of these generators function regardless.
  • Of the seven buildings on the map which require power, only the NSDF Communication Tower is close enough to a generator to be powered.

Continuity[edit | edit source]

If canon The Playground must take place after A Nasty Surprise, as it the Sasquatch walker available in this mission is not developed until after the Golem is encountered.

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References[edit | edit source]

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