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The Mammoth Project
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Name: The Mammoth Project
World: Mars
Campaign: Rise of the Black Dogs

Faction: Black Dogs
Enemy: CCA
Scrap: 4
Geysers: 1

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The Mammoth Project is Rise of the Black Dogs' fourth mission, and is available only in Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs. It shows the Black Dogs' attempt to capture the Mammoth Super Heavy Tank.


The Mammoth Project takes place in the plains and valleys around an extinct Martian volcano. The CCA base in the area is on a well-defended plateau that can be reached by only one natural land bridge.


The CCA, now acutely aware of the Black Dogs' presence on Mars, have relocated the Mammoth to a more easily defended region in the vicinity of a dormant volcano. In order to return to Earth, the Black Dogs must successfully capture the prototype. Cobra One, once again equipped with a High Powered Sniper Rifle and placed in command of a small assault force, is sent in to steal it.

Enemy activity is discovered to be highest in the volcano's caldera, so Cobra One is ordered to investigate there as a matter of priority. True to Commander Shaw's expectations there is a Mammoth there, but its readings to not match those previously gathered by Cobra One and when the prototype is remotely detonated it is realised to be a trap.

Cobra One successfully escapes the caldera before reinforcements can arrive, but Shaw reminds them they are still required to capture the Mammoth prototype. They are ordered to investigate a set of strange radar signatures to the south west instead. There the real Mammoth is found, which Cobra One successfully commandeers.

After stealing the tank, Cobra One is directed to escape to the east. With the Mammoth safely in their hands, the Black Dogs hope to use it to give them an edge in battles to come.

Trivia Edit

  • The mission briefing says Cobra One will be given command of an APC for the mission, but the assault force consists solely of Grizzlies and Thunderbolts


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