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The History of Biometal Warfare
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Date: 1999
Period: 1899-1947

The History of Biometal Warfare - also known as Beardsly's Pictorial History of Biometal Warfare - was a subsection of used to promote the release of Battlezone II.  It was split into six chapters and twelve parts explaining the history of human interaction with Biometal, from Jon Beardsly's experiments and leading into Battlezone II.

Like much of the promotional content for Battlezone II, the serial took the form of in-universe documentation; in this case, a website created by Beardsly's granddaughter.

Jon Beardsly, Unknown Pioneer[]

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The first section of the website explained the discovery of biometal by English scientist Jon Beardsly, his experiments with the material and the subsequent involvement of Nazi Germany.[1]

Early Constructs of the Reich[]

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The site's second section explored the work the Third Reich's scientists had based on Beardsly's designs and showed the product.[2]

Give 'em Hell: Harry Fights Back[]

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The third part of the story dealt with the experiments made by the United States, having discovered the technology created by the Reich, and showed the result.[3]

The Red Menace in Space[]

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The next section tells of the discovery of and experiments on German biometal hardware run by the Russians and displays a small collection of CCA units.[4]

The Resolve of the Stars n' Stripes[]

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The fifth section tells of the return to General Kranken's forces from the Moon, their defeat and the formation and expansion of the NSDF, and the beginnings of the Biometal War. It then goes on to showcase a small selection of NSDF units from Battlezone[5]

The Challenge of Today[]

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The final section of the website featured just a large splash image claiming that part of the site was still being decrypted. This image, presumably a placeholder, was never replaced by further content.


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