The Adventures of
Grizzly 1
Ag1 title
Writer: Ben Bradley
Date: 1999

The Adventures of Grizzly 1 was a comic produced in 1999 by Ben Bradley that featured cartoon versions of Grizzly One and Razor One as personified versions of their ships and was composed of screenshots modified to give units distinctive cartoon eyes. The comic was originally hosted by, and the first six images of part one were specially formatted and republished as a strip in the final two issues of the Battlezone Magazine.[1][2]

Synopsis Edit

Grizzly 1, Razor 1 and the Recycler Dakota deploy to Mars to capture a Hadean Crown Relic discovered near a CCA base. While Razor 1 is sent to reconnoiter the enemy base the Dakota is attacked by a CCA bomber wing. After fighting them off and erecting Gun Towers, Razor 1 returns and Grizzly 1 has the base's forces set out to investigate the relic. At the relic site they again encounter CCA forces, and Razor 1 goes missing during the ensuing skirmish.[3]


Since the decline of, The Adventures of Grizzly 1 has been largely unavailable. Most of the first part's contents can be recovered through archive sites, but the ninth frame and second part are believed to be permanently lost.[4] Part two revealed that Razor 1 fell victim to the MAS Grenade.

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