NSDF M713 Test Range Turret
Avtest render
Faction: NSDF
Name: M713 Turret
Codename: Test Range Turret / Drone
Vehicle Type: Self-Propelled Defensive Turret

Health: 1000
Ammo: 2000
Scrap Cost: 6
Scrap Value: 3

P cannon 1 Paintball
P cannon 1 Paintball
P mortar 1 Paintball
P mortar 1 Paintball


The M713 test range turret is a remotely-controlled variant on the standard M713 Badger equipped with a modified weapons configuration of two-by-two Paintball cannons. The strength of its armor was also significantly decreased compared to the standard Badger chassis in order to better facilitate its use as a training turret, which as a side effect also makes it significantly more maneuverable.

Trivia Edit

  • The test range drone takes 15 seconds to deploy and 5 to undeploy, a significant increase over the Badger's 8 and 0.7 seconds respectively, but it is never seen in an undeployed state during normal play.
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