TAG Cannon
Name Automated Targeting Gun
Internal name gtaggun
Type Rocket

Ammo usage 10 / projectile, 100 / salvo
Salvo size 10 shots over 2 seconds
Damage 1 Impact on tracer hit
90 Ballistic / projectile
Projectile speed 100 m/s for tracer, 50 m/s for missiles
Lock-on type Target tagged by tracer
Maximum range 200 m

Description[edit | edit source]

The Automated Targeting Gun or TAG Cannon has two phases. In the first phase it shoots a homing ordnance into the skin of the target craft. If the first round hits its mark, the TAG cannon unleashes a salvo of 10 guided missiles that will head toward the homing signal and barrage it heavily.

The NSDF Field Guide erroneously refers to the TAG Cannon as a cannon, but it appears as a rocket in-game.

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