Bz reich unit sturm
Name: Sturm en: storm
Faction: Third Reich (Raumkräfte)
Type: Scavenger

The Sturm (eng: Storm) was the scavenger of Third Reich Raumkräfte.

Details Edit

Wilhelm Arkin based the design of the Sturm directly on one of Jon Beardsly's technical drawings; as a utility unit, no modifications were necessary to make it combat ready. Both Beardsly and Arkin recognised that, with the scarcity of gelstone available on the moon, it would be necessary to salvage the material from destroyed or abandoned vehicles and equipment in order to minimise wastage. The Sturm was designed to overcome that, gathering discarded gelstone from the surface and returning it to a nearby Rovenkampf.[1]

Lost Brigade Edit

The Sturm was originally designed for Lost Brigade, an early version of Battlezone set during the Second World War. It was from this game that the resource gathering system seen throughout the series originated.[2]

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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