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SAS4 Striker
Svstrk render
Faction: CCA
Name: Striker

P cannon 1
P cannon 1

The CCA Striker is a space or low-atmosphere fighter craft developed by the CCA. Its precise combat role is unclear but it appears to be designed as a light, fast-moving harassment fighter, with two cannons built into the front of large engine pods mounted at either side of the cockpit.

The NSDF Flak and Chaff Launcher was designed as to protect American interests against Striker raids.

Fate Edit

The Striker was designed for Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs but never implemented due to engine constraints preventing AI from accounting for verticality. It exists now only as a reference image of an early model.

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Trivia Edit

The letters in the SAS4 codename stand simply for "Soviet Air Striker".

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