Strategy on Rend
Strategyonrend osg shell
Name: Strategy on Rend
World: Rend
Gametype: Strategy

Players: 2-8
Pools: 5

Strategy on Rend is a medium-size Strategy map cut from Battlezone II shortly before its release.

Details Edit

Strategy on Rend bears a great deal of similarity to some of Battlezone's Io maps; it is formed of narrow causeways crossing a lake or sea of lava in a figure-eight formation. Alongside a great deal of scrap, the map has five pools located with two on each side - one each of the base sites at the center of the top and bottom and one each on the north-east and south-west sides, with the fifth and final pool in the center.[1]

Description Edit

"Some like it hot—and Rend is definitely that! Most of the map consists of lava, which obviously you want to avoid. The battle-field consists of a figure-eight shaped area that towers out of the lava. Five scrap pools exist on the map, including lots of strewn scraps. Two pools are on each half of the eight, while one sits in the middle where the two loops intersect. In order to win you need to capture the center pool. This enables you to control more Bio-metal than your opponent and to set-up base close to your opponent's." - Mark H. Walker

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References Edit

  1. Battlezone II Official Strategy Guide, pg194
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