Strategy Capture the Flag (abbreviated STCTF and also known as Capture the Relic) is, as its name implies, a Strategy-based version of Capture the Flag. It made its first appearance in 1.3 Public Beta 2.[1]

Battlezone[edit | edit source]

The first Strategy Capture the Flat map to appear anywhere in the Battlezone series was the 0.8 beta's Capture the Flag. Functionally it is no different from a standard Strategy map with a Storage Crate present in the middle of the map. Players would have been intended to primarily fight over the crate rather than aiming to kill each other or destroy each others' bases.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Battlezone: Battle Grounds[edit | edit source]

Strategy Capture the Flag later appeared in the Battle Grounds map Capture the Relic. At either side of the map is an Olympian relic; players spawn at these same sides and are given the goal of stealing the relic guarded by the opposing team while defending their own. The map doesn't enforce these rules, and ultimately play is the same as on any other strategy map.[2] The Battle Grounds map Battle1 that gives players a similar objective but on a smaller scale, with a Deathmatch focus and no Recyclers.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Battlezone II[edit | edit source]

STCTF finally made a full appearance in 1.3 Public Beta 2. Gameplay is mostly the same as for Strategy, though there is an additional win condition in the relic in the center of the map; the team that first returns the relic to their Recycler will win the match and score an additional 10,000 points. To prevent players from gaining an easy victory by snatching the relic as soon as they have deployed a tug, it is usually protected by a perimeter of Assault Towers, Popper and Rocket Spires, Rattlers and Guardians and will slowly begin to return to its starting point if dropped.[3]

Scoring is heavily adjusted from strategy; only five points are rewarded for killing vehicles and ten for pilots, while two points are deducted for losing a ship and five for death. Destroying the goal before it can be captured will forfeit the game.[4]

Maps[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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