Stargate stargate
Faction: Uncertain, probably Hadean Crown

The Stargate is an ancient device of Cthonian origin built on Venus.


Like the similar Pegasus Device, the Stargate allows for instantaneous travel between itself and any other location. As with the Pegasus travel is two-way, but the portal can only be opened through the direct operation of the device itself. Unlike the Pegasus, however, the Stargate seems to require immense amounts of power to function, and to this end is build near a small Venusian volcano.[1]


Stargate powerplant

One of two CCA powerplants operating the Stargate

Given the presence of a Fury Factory on Alpha 007, one of the worlds reached throught the Stargate, it is likely that the Stargate was constructed by the Hadean Crown.[2] Its large shape and the fact that it requires power from an external source indicate that it may be older than the Pegasus Device - possibly even a prototype of the same device.[3]

Very little is known about its use prior to its acquisition by the CCA, who used it to open a portal to Earth to accellerate production. This drew the attention of the NSDF when they used the resultant forces against them, and upon investigation the NSDF were able to capture and operate the device.

The Stargate presumably passed into the control of the ISDF when the NSDF and CCA merged.

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