Solar Power Plant

Abspow redux

Abspow render

Faction: NSDF
Name: Solar Power Planet
Built By: Constructor

Scrap Cost: 4
Hit Points: 1500
Range: 100m

The NSDF Solar Power Plant provides power to buildings within a 100 meter radius.


The Solar Power Plant is the NSDF's default power structure, capable of supplying power to any building that may require it in a 100m radius. It is much weaker than the Lightning or Wind Power Plants, instead incurring a much lower scrap cost.

The solar plant can be used on almost any world, though it has difficulty functioning correctly on Venus due to the dust and thick atmosphere. It is common for the planet's lightning storms to be harnessed for power generation instead.


The solar power plant is the default NSDF generator, and will appear on all multiplayer maps and all but a few single-player missions. In most situations it is the ideal structure, with a good balance of size, cost and strength. Unfortunately its wide profile makes it difficult to defend effectively, requiring two Badgers at long-range or three at close-range to prevent blind spots.

The in-universe descriptions of the Solar Power Plant is deceptive, as it will work perfectly on all worlds.
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