Solar Power Plant
Sbspow render
Faction: CCA
Name: Solar Power Planet
Built By: Erector

Scrap Cost: 4
Health: 2500
Range: 100m

The CCA Solar Power Plant provides power to any structure that requires it within 100 meters.


The Solar Power Plant is the most commonly seen of the CCA's power generators due to its versatility and low scrap cost. It can be used almost anywhere, though Venus' thick atmosphere and dust can obstruct the solar cells and make the lightning power preferable there.


The solar power plant will appear whenever the CCA are selected for Multiplayer and on most Singleplayer  and Instant Action missions. From the allied perspective it is much cheaper than either of the other available models, and is better protected than the Wind generator.

When attacking, the solar power plant can provide more than enough cover to shield a tank from a single gun tower, and depending on placement could present a small black spot for both in cases of particularly poor placement. Taking out a power generator will disable all buildings that rely on it, so as a much softer target than such buildings it should be targeted first in most circumstances.

Despite its deceptive description, the solar power plant will in fact function perfectly regardless of locale.
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