Shield Generator

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Faction: NSDF
Name: Shield Generator
Built By: N/A

Scrap Cost: N/A
Hit Points: 10000

The NSDF Shield Generator is a campaign structure that can only be placed using the map editor. Its functionality is disabled by default.

Description[edit | edit source]

The information file for the shield tower states that it costs 10 scrap to build a pair and that once established and in range of power supplies it will erect a protective barrier. This is incorrect, however, as by default the shield tower is non-functioning.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Custom shield towers can be made to function by changing their ODF classlabel from "i76building" to "shieldtower". Doing so enables the shield tower, when powered, to generate a rectangular field 200 metres wide that will repel any ordnance fired towards the front of the tower. In addition to this, there are a number of parameters that can be edited to change the role of the shield tower:

[ShieldTowerClass] Header
shieldMinX = -100 Left extent of field
shieldMaxX = 100 Right extent of field
shieldMinY = 0 Bottom extent of field
shieldMaxY = 50 Top extent of field
shieldMinZ = -5 Rear extent of field
shieldMaxZ = 5 Front extent of field
objPush = 5.0 Forward object push
objDrag = 1.0 Object drag
ordPush = 5.0 Forward ordnance push
ordDrag = 1.0 Ordnance drag

By modifying these parameters, the field can be made any size and its behavior can be changed drastically. The push values affect the field's strength in the direction it is facing, resisting from the front while accelerating from the rear, while the drag values cause omnidirectional resistance. The push and drag parameters will accept both positive and negative inputs, negative values causing reversed effects.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Much the same as MITS and M-Curtain mines, the shield tower does not effect Comet Cruise or WASP missiles.

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