Scion Sentry
Fvsent grid
Faction: Scion
Name: Sentry
Built By: Kiln/Forge

Health: 2000
Ammo: 2500
Built Time:
Scrap Cost: 50
Scrap Value: 10

P gun 1 Ion Gun x2
P special 1 Seeker
P shield 1


The Scion Sentry is a morphing unit easily recognised on the battlefield. It is fast and can easily outclass a scout and strong against lightly armored targets, but vulnerable to more heavily armed craft unless gathered in groups and should not be used alone for attacking defensive positions. It is best acting as a heavier scout unit and providing speed and manoeuvrability to a strike force.



  • Hover propulsion
  • Fast/medium speed


  • Light armour


  • Guns (2)
  • Special
  • Shield
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