CCA Scavenger

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Svscav render

Faction: CCA
Name: Unknown
Codename: Scavenger
Vehicle Type: Remote Extraction
Built By: Recycler

Health: 2900
Build Time: 5s
Scrap Cost: 4



The Scavenger wanders the battlefield, allowing the CCA to recover Biometal scrap left scattered around the field. Once it has collected a full load of scrap, it returns it to the nearest Recycler or Silo for use in future construction.

Its slow speed renders the Scavenger particularly vulnerable to enemy assault, so providing it with an escort is essential. When attacked, Scavengers will typically retreat, though Commander-piloted Scavengers can be used to ram opponents (usually fatal against pilots).

The CCA Scavenger collects more slowly than the NSDF equivalent, as rather than using a vacuum technology it is fitted with a mechanical claw that must first be deployed.

Trivia Edit

  • Scavengers pick up and deliver scrap in groups of three in singleplayer. In multiplayer the amount of scrap collected is doubled at delivery.
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