Satellite Tower
Sbcomm render
Faction: CCA
Name: Satellite Tower
Built By: Erector
Requires Power: Yes

Scrap Cost: 6
Health: 2000
Range: Entire Map


Constructing a Satellite Tower allows the CCA access to live satellite imagery, providing commanders a view of the entire combat area from a birds'-eye view. This view does not reveal neutral or enemy units and structures not already within line of sight or radar range of allied forces, but it will give the user a complete topography of the battlefield.

Connecting to a Satellite Tower releases a burst of radio waves that reveal the location of the uplinked craft to other field commanders.

Trivia Edit

  • Initially, the player's craft was supposed to be highlighted only to themselves as a reference point. The current functionality was initially a mistake that the developers decided to keep.[1]

References Edit

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