ISDF N1A2 Sabre Tank
Ivtank grid
Faction: ISDF
Name: Sabre Tank
Built By: Factory
Requirements: Relay Bunker

Health: 3500
Ammo: 2200

P cannon 1 AT-Stabber
P gun 1 Standard Minigun x2
P mortar 1 Standard Mortar
P special 1 Empty


The Sabre Tank is perhaps the most well rounded combat unit on the battlefield. It can battle fast units and has a decent chance against buildings and defensive units. Seen mostly in combat against light units and only fielde when the enemy isn't fully entrenched with heavy units, the Sabre has proven itself time and time again to be a stable unit in combat.

The Sabre entered service in the 1980's as a replacement to the final models of Czar and Grizzly tanks that were increasingly becoming obsolete. WIth an upgrade to the Grizzly's better EDD technology as well as heavier armor than the Czar but with more powerful thrusters, the Sabre offered a both tough but fast battle tank that was just what the ISDF needed.



  • Hover propulsion
  • Medium speed


  • Light armour


  • Cannon
  • Guns (2)
  • Mortar
  • Special
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