STAB Hooks (an acronym for Stabilized Terrain Adapting Base) are a method developed by Arkin Industries to stabilise emplaced units for firing.

Origins[edit | edit source]

The necessity of a stabilising method for stationary defensive vehicles first came about with the early prototypes of the Badger (NSDF) developed in the 1940s. These prototypes were quipped with high-impact weapons that created a significant amount of recoil; coupled with insufficient basing of the early turrets, this often resulted in them toppling backwards before any real damage could be done. The STAB hooks were developed in order to rectify this oversight.

Mechanism[edit | edit source]

The STAB hooks act as an anchor that digs in to the surface the turret is deploying on to increase stabilisation. As an additional measure to prevent issues, the hooks were designed to prevent turrets from moving and firing at the same time. During the five second average time it takes to deploy the hooks into the ground, neither is possible.

Employment[edit | edit source]

The following vehicles are equipped with STAB hooks (or a similar derivative technology):

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