The Super Stabber is an advanced Stabber round. Improvements in shell design make these rounds hit significantly harder than those of the AT-Stabber, to the point where the sheer force of the impact is such that it can briefly stagger lighter vehicles, making it harder for the target to effectively return fire.

Although it has half the rate of fire of the AT-Stabber, along with each shot using up 33% more ammo, the SP-Stabber's almost three times as high damage per hit more than compensates for these to the point where it is more than twice as ammo-efficient as the AT-Stabber, vastly increasing the amount of damage that can be dealt before requiring a reload. For this reason, the SP-Stabber is better suited for fighting stronger enemy vehicles. Also note that although the SP-Stabber outranges the AT-Stabber by a significant margin, the projectile itself is slower, making it easier to evade at maximum range.

Variants[edit | edit source]

CP-Stabber (gspstaba)[edit | edit source]

See CP-Stabber.

CRA variant (gspstabb)[edit | edit source]

The CRA's version of the SP-Stabber fires green shells as opposed to the red ones of the NSDF and CCA version, but is otherwise identical in every way. Note that despite being functionally identical to the SP-Stabber, in-engine this weapon is actually defined as the variant of the AT-Stabber, which the CRA has no access to at their Armory.

Reduced damage variant (gspstabc)[edit | edit source]

This variant deals only barely more than half of the standard version's damage, along with slightly reduced range (180 meters), even slower projectile speed (120 m/s, same as the Minigun and Chaingun) and slower rate of fire (0.8 s).

Splash-only variant (gspstabd)[edit | edit source]

This variant deals no direct damage at all, only the splash damage that occurs within 5 meters of the shell's impact. It fires slightly faster than the standard version (0.5 s) and has reduced range (180 m) and projectile speed (120 m/s) but is otherwise identical.

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