Sensory Image Terrain Exposing Camera
Faction: NSDF incl. Black Dogs, CCA, CRA, ISDF
Name: Sensory Image Terrain Exposing Camera
Type: Special

Ammo Cost: 10
Range: 100m

The SITE Camera is a Special Weapon in the Battlezone series. It allows the user to see through terrain.

Notes Edit

  • The SITE Camera appears on the Flanker stolen during Flying Solo.
  • Bug iconBug! Ejecting from a vehicle while SITE Camera was activated in Battlezone II would cause the weapon to remain active, with no ammo cost, until disabled from a replacement craft.[1] If a sniper rifle is selected in this situation, the terrain wireframe drawn in the scope will not stop at the edges. The deactivation issue was fixed in by 1.3 Public Beta 2, with the wireframe rendering being resolved in Public Beta 1.

References Edit

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