Bz reich unit rovenkampf
Name: Rovenkampf (from "roving" + "kampf", fight)
Faction: Third Reich (Raumkräfte)
Type: Recycler

The Rovenkampf is the Recycler unit of the Third Reich's Raumkräfte.

Details Edit

The Rovenkampf was designed by Wilhelm Arkin specifically to operate on the lunar surface; it was built to deploy on one of the geysers that Jon Beardsly had discovered during his expedition and use it as a source of power in order to construct a variety of war machines from the gelstone found there. Due to the material's distribution and scarcity Arkin designed a system whereby the base could be deployed and undeployed in order to move around while separate units gathered the material from the surface; this mechanic would form the foundation of the Recycler and Scavenger system employed by the NSDF, CCA, CRA, ISDF and Scion Convergence both with and without Arkin's direct involvement.

Adolf Hitler ordered the construction of a modified version of the Rovenkampf for terrestrial duty on massive oil rig-like platforms in North America, but none were ever built.[1]

Lost Brigade Edit

The Rovenkampf was developed for Lost Brigade, an early version of Battlezone set during World War 2 in which Allied and Nazi squadrons are abducted by alien forces. It was designed to play the part of the German Recycler, but was cut when Activision realised the game would be unmarketable in Germany due to the country's strict laws on Nazi symbolism.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The image of the Rovenkampf that formed part of The History of Biometal Warfare - the only image of the vehicle to date - was published upside-down.
  • The name Rovenkampf appears to be derived from a Germanic bastardisation of the English "roving" and "kampf", the German for "fight". Assuming this is correct a more accurate German name for the unit would be Vorgarnkampf.

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References Edit

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