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Ro'chukn Moon
Position: Nomadic
Surface Composition: Rock and biometal
Diameter: 5150 Km

The Ro'chukn "moon" is a biometalloid of uncertain origin created either when the Furies overwhelmed the Ro'chukn homeworld, or from the homeworld by the Ro'chukns themselves.


The surface of the Ro'chukn moon is rife with biometal deposits both processed and unprocessed, often totally obscuring the world's original blue and brown surface from view. Given the biometallised nature of the world very little can be discerned of the planet as it originally existed, but after the Fury invasion it became largely cold and barren.[1]


After their near-extermination at the hands of the rogue Furies resulting from the Biometal War, the surviving Ro'chukns used the remains of their planet to travel back through time to remove the Cthonian relics, preventing the creation of the Furies and thus the destruction of their race.

The biometalloid remained present in the solar system, and was discovered by both the NSDF and CCA during the now-extended Bio-metal War in 1974. Both forces landed to investigate, and the CCA succeeded in using the massive bio-metal deposits to overwhelm the NSDF.[2] After regrouping the NSDF was able to re-capture the biometalloid, and later used it to cause an artificial eclipse in order to provide cover of night for their invasion of Luna.[3]

The biometalloid was destroyed by the CCA upon their surrender to the NSDF.[4]



  • The bluish colouring of the Ro'chukn moon is similar to that of the Dark Planet and Core, but as the worlds were created independently by separate developers this is unlikely to have been a deliberate design decision.



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