Rise of the Black Dogs:
Rbd front square
Composer: Matthew Simmonds
Arranger: Anthony Hadley
Publisher: Heracles Brigade
Release Date: 2015-07-05

Rise of the Black Dogs: Re-Orchestrated is a forty-four-track soundtrack released by the Heracles Brigade as part of the Rise of the Black Dogs Decompilation Project. It includes the original soundtrack by Matthew Simmonds, a newly orchestrated version designed to match the style of the Battlezone and Red Odyssey soundtracks, and the source MIDI and sample files.[1]

The tracks were pieced together and re-orchestrated by Anthony Hadley in Cubase 5 using Kontakt 5 and Edirol Orchestral. Despite having been begun in early April 2015 the project took roughly a quarter of that time to produce; two weeks were spent repairing the MIDI files extracted from the game cartridge and a further two were spent on the re-orchestration itself.

Track Listing Edit

As well as all twenty two tracks and five samples from the Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs Soundtrack, the downloadable release of the re-orchestrated version includes the following tracks. While the original tracks do not have names, the names of the new versions are derived from the missions the tracks are used in.

# Track Description Audio
1 Rise of the Black Dogs (Main Theme)
Rbdo track1
2 United We Fight, United We Die
Rbdo track2
3 A Nasty Surprise
Rbdo track3
4 Flying Solo
Rbdo track4
5 The Evil Battalion
Rbdo track5
6 Total Destruction
Rbdo track6
7 Punishing the Black Dogs
Rbdo track7
8 The Mammoth Project
Rbdo track8
9 Clear the Path
Rbdo track9
10 Behind Enemy Lines
Rbdo track10
11 NSDF Arcade 1
Rbdo track11
12 NSDF Arcade 2
Rbdo track12
13 NSDF Arcade 3
Rbdo track13
14 CCA Arcade 1
Rbdo track14
15 CCA Arcade 2
Rbdo track15
16 CCA Arcade 3
Rbdo track16
17 Black Dog Arcade 1
Rbdo track17
18 Black Dog Arcade 2
Rbdo track18
19 Black Dog Arcade 3
Rbdo track19
20 Victory
Rbdo track20
21 Defeat
Rbdo track21
22 Unused
Rbdo track22

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