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Rise of the Black Dogs is a campaign exclusive to the game of the same name. It follows the Black Dog Squadron after the events of the NSDF campaign.

Synopsis Edit

Due to a breakdown in communications the Black Dog platoon under Commander Shaw is never informed of the decision by NSDF Command to work with the CCA in order to defeat the Furies. As a result, when they first encounter NSDF and CCA forces co-operating on Luna they assume there is a large-scale conspiracy in play and begin to prepare an escape to warn the people of Earth.

After setting up a base to launch their evacuation from the Black Dogs begin a campaign to thwart the imagined conspiracy that takes them across the solar system. Their first port of call is Mars, where the CCA has been developing a new kind of tank called the Mammoth; once there, they steal both the designs and prototype so they can produce a version of their own. From there they head to Venus, but are beaten back by the CCA. They redirect to Io and abscond with a pair of relics guarded by the Soviets and then, after visiting to Titan to prevent the CCA from jamming their communications while they attempt to order the lunar evacuation, capture a Hadean Crown Armory on Europa. Having captured a variety of Cthonian relics from around the solar system for an unknown purpose, they return to their lunar base to regroup before returning to Earth.

Despite successfully escaping the moon, the Black Dogs never reach Earth to reveal the conspiracy. Whether this has anything to do with Armond Braddock and Project Pedigree is unclear.

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