Richard Farrelly
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Name: Richard Farrelly
Date of Birth: 1968
Profession: Game Designer

Richard "Fingal" Farrelly (1968-) (also known as Cheekpuppet and, amongst the Red Odyssey developers, Evil Henchman #2)[1] is a professional Canadian game designer living in Los Angeles, California who worked as lead level designer for Battlezone: The Red Odyssey's Dogs of War campaign. He currently works as Senior Designer at Infinity Ward.[2]

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Farrelly studied Music at Vancouver Island University and graduated in 1993. In April 1998 he joined Team Evolve as a level designer, where his first work was on the company's unofficial expansion Quake II: Zaero. A month after its release he continued working at Team Evolve on their officially endorsed expansion for Battlezone; his work was praised by his colleagues as critical to The Red Odyssey's success.

After work on The Red Odyssey ceased, Farrelly moved on to Xatrix Entertainment in January 1999. He stayed with the company through its acquisition by Activision until it was merged into Treyarch, where he notably worked on all of the company's Call of Duty games prior to the Modern Warfare arc. In 2008 he moved to Electronic Arts' subsidiary Danger Close Games, where he worked on both modern Medal of Honor games. He left the studio until August 2012, and after ten months of freelance consultancy he joined Infinity Ward in May 2013. He is currently working once again on the Call of Duty series.[3]

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Like many of the other developers of Battlezone and The Red Odyssey, Farrelly left a dedication hidden among the game's assets.It reads:

Here are some tips:

1.Don't eat Yellow snow
2.Don't put campfires out with your face
3.Never bet on a race if you can't remember which horse you drugged.

That being that, I'd also like to thank everyone on the team:

Matt for being "The Enforcer" and keeping us all in line.
Toni for being superhuman.
Mick for being brutally honest.
Tom for being so damn English.
Dan...just because he has a nice ass.
Robert for his sense of humour and indomitable spirit..."This game WILL get done!!
Albino circus midget #1
House of Gerbils"...Thanks for the supplies! 

Also Shane, Joel, Crista, Stephen, George Collins and the Pandemic crew, and
anyone else I missed Thanks for bailing us out in a crisis! 

Last but not least I would like to thank my incredibly patient fiancee
Yvonne who only saw the back of my head framed by a monitor for 3 months. 
I hope she remembers  who I am. ; )

Happy Tanking
Richard(AKA Fingal AKA the Cheek Puppet AKA Evil Henchman #2) Farrelly

References Edit

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