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Retrieve Relics
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Name: Retrieve Relics
World: Io
Campaign: Rise of the Black Dogs

Faction: Black Dogs
Enemy: CCA
Scrap: 3
Geysers: 4

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Retrieve Relics is mission seven of the Black Dog campaign Rise of the Black Dogs, and is exclusive to Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs.


Retrieve Relics takes place in a relic-littered area of Io near the Hadean Lerna facility. The area was also once host to the NSDF Launch Pad that Wilhelm Arkin and the Fury Relic were being escorted to before the former revealed himself as a traitor.


Following the discovery of two Cthonian relics on Io by Black Dog scouts, Commander Shaw sends Cobra One to secure them. Upon discovering the presence of the Black Dogs, the CCA sends out teams of their own.

After successfully capturing the first relic the Black Dogs pick up a distress call nearby. Cobra One is sent to investigate, but is ambushed by a CCA force on arrival - either the message was a trick or the sender had already been killed.

After the CCA force has been neutralised Cobra One is returned to escort duty and escorts the Tug in capturing the second relic. Moments after its arrival, the base comes under attack from a wing of Grendels and Tuskers, and Cobra One is forced to defend it.

Once the Black Dogs have time to analyze the distress message it is determined to have been a fake, and that the CCA have found a way of interfering with their communications.


Rise of the Black Dogs
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