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Rend's primary
Position: Joint-first planet of the Core system
Distance from Suns: 1.27 AU
Sun Orbit Period: 16 years
Diameter: ~9.6 million Km

The unnamed joint-first planet of the Core system and orbital primary of the moon Rend, this massive gas giant is approximately 9.6 million kilometers across; almost ten times larger than Sol itself.[1]

Description Edit

The massive gas giant exists within the frost line of the Core system, which suggests it is an extrasolar capture and may even have replaced Rend as the system's first natural planet.

Rend is its only known regular moon, though there are several irregular asteroid captures also known to exist in the same orbital system. These are assumedly also satellites of the gas giant; whilst it is possible that they orbit Rend, the potential for interference from the gas giant make this unlikely. The artificial world Core resides in one of its Lagrangian points.

The planet appears to be surrounded by a gas cloud, which reaches at least as far as Rend's orbit. This implies that the planet is undergoing atmospheric escape, most likely as a result of its extreme proximity to the system's largest star.

References Edit

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