Rend render
Position: Moon of first planet of the Core system
Distance from Suns: 1.27 AU
Surface Temperature: 400-1000K
Axis Rotation: 4.2 hours
Primary Orbit Period: 9 months
Sun Orbit Period: 16 years
Diameter: ~13700 Km

Rend is a moon of the Core system's first planet, a gas giant approximately 9.6 million kilometers across - almost ten times larger than Sol itself.[1]

Description Edit

A hot and inhospitable world composed primarily of rock, Rend spends four months of its nine-month orbit between its parent gas giant and the system's twin suns; during this period the heat provided by these, combined with the constant volcanic activity and the moon's heavy methane/sulfur atmosphere, result in surface temperatures approaching 1000 degrees Kelvin. The craters and lava lakes that pockmark the surface are most likely the result of bombardment during the a violent birth from the binary stars' accretion discs.

Despite the incredible temperatures, Rend is capable of supporting life. This currently is only visible in the Lava Pods that can be found near the shores of its lakes of molten rock, but the presence of sandy ruined structures - including an operational Alchemator - suggest the presence, native or otherwise, of intelligent life in the past.

History Edit

Initially occupied by the Scion Convergence, Rend was intended to be used as neutral territory while Pax Kossieh conducted peace talks with Padishah Burns aboard his carrier. The carriers' destruction - at the time apparently the result of a Scion booby-trap - led to Rend becoming one of the war's primary battle grounds.

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  • Rend's polar radius suggests it is rotating sideways, with its poles lying where an equator would normally be.

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References Edit

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