NSDF TU11 Mobile Bio-Metal Fabricator
Avrecy render
Faction: NSDF
Name: TU11 Mobile Bio-Metal Fabricator
Codename: Recycler
Vehicle Type: Mobile Unit Factory

Health: 12000

The Recycler is the primary building unit for the NSDF, and a necessity for establishing a presence in unclaimed territory. It is weaponless, but heavily armoured and able to withstand extended attacks.


In its mobile form, the Recycler can move freely across the battlefield. Once positioned over an energy-producing geyser, it deploys, exposing the massive construction facility stored within its hull. While deployed, the Recycler can regenerate its hull when not being attacked. The Recycler builds vital base resources and unit supplies, as well as basic offensive and defensive units. It does this by projecting ultralightweight endo-skeletal beams inside of its construction bay while generating extreme temperatures that melt its supply of bio-metal. It then coats the beams with the liquid bio-metal, and holds the new unit’s engines and internal machinery in place while the bio-metal cools. The entire process takes anywhere from a few seconds to half a minute.

In most circumstances, destroying the enemy Recycler can guarantee victory. Without a Recycler, it is impossible to "restart" the build tree. Without the Recycler, no Scavengers can be constructed.

Six NSDF Recyclers are named, each after an American state; the Colorado[1], the Massachusetts, the Minnesota[2], the Montana[3], the Texas, the Utah, and the Wyoming[2].

Original Version Edit

Truman recycler

The result of countless setbacks and revisions, the earlier NSDF Recycler didn't appear on the battlefield until late in the German conflict. Even then, its astonishing feats of engineering took years to perfect. In fact, it took an even longer period of fast, consistent service to erase the Recycler's stigma of being an unreliable and potentially dangerous device.

Construction Menu Edit

Scavenger · Repair Pod · Ammo Pod · Badger · Razor · Mobile Unit Factory · Supply Launch Facility · Heaval



  • 15m/s maximum forward velocity
  • 15m/s maximum reverse velocity
  • 15m/s maximum lateral velocity


  • 100mm EDD armour

References Edit

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