NSDF TU11-BD Mobile Bio-Metal Fabricator
Bvrecy render
Faction: NSDF Black Dog Squadron
Name: TU11-BD Mobile Bio-Metal Fabricator
Codename: Recycler
Vehicle Type: Mobile Unit Factory

Description Edit

The Black Dog Recycler is the heart of a Black Dog Squadron base's operations, providing basic utility and combat units and early field repair, and acting as a repository for collected biometal scrap. It is impossible to replace in the field; therefore, its destruction would severely hamper the Black Dog effort. The Recycler must be deployed on a Geyser to function.

Construction Menu Edit

Scavenger · Repair Pod · Ammo Pod · Badger · Razor · Mobile Unit Factory · Supply Launch Facility · Heaval · Red Devil*

^* : Battlezone: The Red Odyssey only

Attributes Edit

Physics Edit

  • 15 m/s maximum forward velocity
  • 15 m/s maximum reverse velocity
  • 15 m/s maximum lateral velocity

Equipment Edit

  • 100 mm EDD armor
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