"Dare to have it all!"
- Super Programmer Ken Miller

Rave Gun
Faction: NSDF/ISDF
Name: RAVE GUN! / Rave!
Type: P cannon 1 Cannon

Damage: Extreme
Speed: Fast


Cost: Priceless
Hardpoint: Pointless
Builder: The Mind of Miller

The Rave Gun is a Cannon present in every game in the Battlezone series, and one of three Insane Weapons found in Battlezone II.

Details Edit

The Rave Gun is a simple and incredibly powerful weapon. It fires large balls of multicolored plasma at a speed of 75m/s, which can travel a total of 225m before dissipating. Upon impact these balls produce a large and damaging explosion with a radius of 50 meters. The technology used in the weapon seems to be related to that of the MAG cannon, making it some form of coil- or railgun.

Missions Edit

The Rave Gun is unique amongst the Insane Weapons for the fact that it can be equipped legitimately, as it appears in several maps and missions throughout the series. It also comes as standard armament on the Eagle Lander, rendering it accessible in many multiplayer matches.

Tactics Edit

The Rave Gun's high fire rate makes it an incredibly effective crowd control weapon, while its high damage output makes it ideal for taking out reinforced structures and its ammunition efficiency makes it useful for sustained fire. For its power it also has a remarkably high ammunition count, making it an all-round formidable weapon. It is important to refrain from using it at close range to avoid its significant splash damage.

The large blast radius of the Rave Gun's plasma balls means it does not have to hit its target in order to cause significant damage - even a weaving target may find difficulty in escaping. When facing an opponent armed with the Rave Gun the best option is to find armament of similar calibre, with the MAG cannon a close second if a lucky strike can be scored with its fully-charged mode. Head-on combat should be avoided if at all possible, with less direct weapons such as missiles, mortars and mines providing excellent alternatives.

Damage Values Edit

Battlezone Edit

Version Miss Hit
1.0 0-200 Concussive 0-200 Consussive + 500 Ballistic

Battlezone II Edit

Version Damage vs Armor Damage vs Shield Overrides vs armor
None Light Heavy Deflection Stasis Absorption
1.0 250 (hit) 250 (hit) 250 (hit) 250 (hit) 250 (hit) 250 (hit)
1.3 0-200(miss)
200-400 (hit)
150-300 (hit)
100-200 (hit)
200-400 (hit)
150-300 (hit)
100-200 (hit)

Trivia Edit

  • In earlier versions of Battlezone II, the Rave Gun was mistakenly called the Guard Cannon.

Appearances Edit

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