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Unnamed Map (Profile01)
Profile01 shell
Name: None
World: Mire[1]
Campaign: ISDF

Faction: ISDF
Enemy: Scion Convergence
Scrap: 5
Pools: 1

Profile01 shell

Profile01 is an unused mission from Battlezone II. Its files remained present in the game's assets after it was removed.[2]


Profile01 is derived from the Demo mission and would eventually grow into Through the Looking Glass. Its terrain is particularly similar to the latter, with only a few minor differences - the cluster of buildings at the north end of the map are here replaced by fauna and a different cluster is present slightly southward.

The mission script, though not compiled in the released game, is incredibly simple and places the player in the midst of a fight between ISDF and Scion forces of five units each. The Scions spawn with two Sentries and three Warriors, while the ISDF are given two Griffins (possibly intended to be Avengers, depending on the game's state of development when this map was created) and three Sabres (including the player).[3]

A similar script labelled Profile02, similarly uncompiled, performs these same actions and includes what it describes as "cinteractive editing tools".[4] This implies that it may have been created for use behind a menu screen, similar to the behavior showcased in the Battlezone II Demo, or as a menu attract.



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