Pegasus Device
Cbport render
Faction: CRA


Built By: Irreplaceable

Hit Points: 4000

The Pegasus Device was an ancient Cthonian technology used to allow instant travel between two points in space.

Description Edit

The Pegasus Device harnesses currents in another dimension to allow instant travel between any two locations in our dimension by punching out of it and back in at another location. This is achieved through the use of a phase shift fuel transmitter, which converts solid matter to photo-electric waves in order to manipulate the dimensional currents.

The Pegasus is an incredibly versatile device, as while it's most efficient use requires both an entry and exit portal, a single portal can be programmed to target a specific location to send or receive objects.

A derivative technology allows for partially shifting an object. The Pegasus also acts passively as a communications repeater, allowing communications signals from one side of the portal to be transmitted through to the other side regardless of portal activity.

History Edit

It is unknown whether the Pegasus device was developed by the Hadeans or Olympians, as while the relics found on Elysium are exclusively Hadean there are Pegasus relics belonging to the Olympian Council. The portal was used extensively by Bellerophon Squadron during the Cthonian biometal war and if the original Greek myth of Bellerophon is any indication it can be assumed that they captured the Pegasus from the Hadeans.

After the destruction of Icarus and the fall of the Cthonians it was discovered by the CCA on Ganymede. It was later stolen by the CRA, who successfully reverse-engineered and created the Pegasus Device and developed a derivative cloaking technology. It was later stolen and then reverse-engineered by the NSDF Black Dogs.

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