What little is known about the Olympian military has been either gleaned from artifacts or assumed based on connections with Greek mythology.

Olympian Hercules Craft
Obher render
Faction: Olympian Council
Name: Hercules Theta1
Built By: Unknown

Olympian ArmadaEdit

The Olympian Armada was the name of the collective fleets of the Olympian military, of which only two branches are currently known. The Hercules Brigade and, to some extent, the rest of the Olympian Armada utilized Strain V Biometal in the creation of their vehicles and weapons. The only known outpost of the Olympian Armada is the Omega Star Port on Mars, which was the primary staging point for all flights of the Hercules Brigade. Paternus, as the leader of the Olympian Council, also oversaw the Olympian Armada and developed most if not all of their technologies.

Hercules BrigadeEdit

The Hercules Brigade was the most prominent force of the Olympian military, only sent on the most dangerous missions. The brigade flew 12 missions against the Hadean Military before finally succumbing to the Furies on Icarus. They are famed for having defeated the Cerberus units at the battle of Styx during the Antinus Campaign to take Venus, as well as the Hydra units both at Styx and at Lerna on Io. The only known vehicle of the Hercules Brigade is the Theta1.

Bellerophon SquadronEdit

The Bellerophon Squadron is a lesser-known group of the Olympian military, it's only claim to fame being the use of the Pegasus Device which they likely captured from the Hadeans.



The Cyclops Drones loaded biometal onto the Hephaestus and possessed a powerful particle beam for defensive purposes.


The Lemnos factory was the sole production facility of Strain V Biometal and used large amounts of geothermal power from a volcano to perform the necessary fusion process.


The Hephaestus was a transport vessel that made routine deliveries of Strain V Biometal from the Lemnos factory to the Omega Star Port. It was capable of manufacturing biometal into needed supplies while en route and had advanced cloaking systems.


The weapons known to have been used/created by the Olympian military are the:

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