Biometal War



  • CCA leave Mars
Major battles
  • Massacre



Nightmare is a trilogy of maps created by Knightmare. The trilogy's name is often misspelt as "Nitemare" due to Battlezone's eight character limit on map names.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After being ambushed by the CCA on Mars, the NSDF are forced to abandon their position and set up a new base in a naturally defensible crater to the south-east, form which they clear out the nearby CCA forces.

Deploying elsewhere on Mars, the NSDF infiltrate a CCA outpost and use an APC assault under Lieutenant Carter to take down its defences and set up their own base there using the Strato, which is used to take down the main Soviet base to the north. With this main base destroyed, the Soviets retreat to area 743 and set up a position there. Hellmaker Platoon are deployed with Sasquatches and Thunderbolts to destroy a convoy of CCA Scavengers, then upon their return to American territory - through a large force of CCA units - they take control of the main base there and use it to destroy what remains of the Soviet forces on Mars.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Name Rating Planet Size Scrap Geysers
Nightmare B- Mars Medium 300+ You find out
Strike Back A- Mars Medium 300+ Lots
Massacre B- Mars Medium 300+ Find out

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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