netmis.txt, typically referred to simply as netmis, is a text file which defines the Battlezone maps which can be hosted by the player. Modification of netmis.txt allows the player to host custom maps in multiplayer; a map does not have to be listed in order to be played as a client.

Entry Composition Edit

Netmis entries consist of seven components; the map's BZN file and Description file, minimum and maximum player counts, the required vehicle list, its gamemode and display name.

mult01.bzn	mult01.des	2 8	netveh.txt D  Leap Of Faith

The example above is the first line of an unmodified netmis file. It defines the deathmatch (D) map Leap of Faith, which uses the BZN file mult01.bzn, is described by mult01.des, is for two to eight players and uses the default vehicle list.

Mapadder Edit

Mapadder, created in 1998 by Marc Bellingrath of the Battlezone Cartographer's Guild, was designed to allow users to install and uninstall maps easily. It installs maps from .mad files - plaintext files containing the relevant netmis entries - usually only one, but occasionally more.

Bigmoon!.bzn    Bigmoon!.des    4 4     netveh.txt	S 	Big-Ass Moon Map

This entry, included with the Battle Grounds map Big-Ass Moon Map is included in the file bigmoon.mad. Mapadder would append this line directly to netmis.txt.

Mapadder does not function correctly on modern computer systems; the programs Mapadder.NET and Level Cataloger 1.1 replicate its function.

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